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Berlitz: Moscow: Pocket Guide Серия: Berlitz инфо 3695n.

Moscow is a booming European capital with shopping malls, neon lights, pre-Revolutionary buildings, casinos, bars and a hip young population It has an eclectic mix of architecture Pastel classical mansions sащшъдit next to art nou-veau masterpieces, down the street from angular construc-tivist blocks, Soviet housing estates and state-of-the-art glass office developments Here a visitor can find some of the world's most magnificent art and beautifully restored churches, whose gбйбдзolden cupolas soar above the skyline, while in the streets teenagers glide by on roller blades chatting on mobile phones, and business people lunch in sushi bars The seat of government and the centre of Russian arts, Moscow has some of the world's finest ballet, classical music and theatre, as well as a lively club scene Its main sites - the Kremlin and Red Square, and the brightly coloured domes of St Basil's Cathedral - need little introduction, and nor do many of the people assocбрптмiated with the city Tolstoy, Gorky and Mayakovsky are among many historical figures whose homes you can visit Moscow is also the country's main centre of learning, with dozens of universities and institutes and an enormous, international student population.