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Computing Action: A Narratological Approach (Narratologia) Издательство: Walter de Gruyter, 2003 г Твердый переплет, 340 стр ISBN 3110176289 инфо 3756n.

Computing Action takes a new approach to the phenomenon of narrated action in literary texts It begins with a survey of philosophical approaches to the concept of action, ranging from analytical to transcendeащшюхntal and finally constructivist definitions This leads to the formulation of a new model of action, in which the core definitions developed in traditional structuralist narratology and Greimassian semiotics are reconceptualised in the light of constructivist theoriesбйбзн In the second part of the study, the combinatory model of action proposed is put into practice in the context of a computer-aided investigation of the action constructs logically implied by narrative texts Two specialised literary computing tools were developed for the purposes of this investigation of textual data: EVENTPARSER, an interactive tool for parsing events in literary texts, and EPITEST, a tool for subjecting the mark-up files thus produced to a combinatory analysis of брпфкthe episode and action constructs they contain (The software tools and all relevant data files will be provided for download on the de Gruyter website) The third part of the book presents a case study of Goethe’s Unterhaltungen deutscher Ausgewanderten Here, the practical application of theory and methodology eventually leads to a new interpretation of Goethe’s famous Novellenzyklus as a systematic experiment in the narrative construction of action – an experiment intended to demonstrate not only Goethe’s aesthetic principles, but also, and more fundamentally, his epistemological convictions Автор Ян Кристоф Майстер Jan Christoph Meister.

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