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Varekai: Cirque du Soleil 2003 г 144 стр ISBN 0810944421 инфо 3773n.

Book DescriptionWhile Cirque du Soleil, the very popular award-winning entertainment company, continues its triumphant tours throughout the world, this enchanting book transports the reader to the mystical worащщайld of its latest production, Varekai There, in the shadows of a magical forest populated by fantastical creatures, a young man takes flight in a wondrous adventure in which anything is possible Varekai--which means "wherever" in the Romany language of theбйбиц Gypsies--pays tribute to a universe of infinite possibilities through an explosive fusion of drama and acrobatics captured here in the dazzling photography of Veronique Vial With its breathtaking feats of stage wizardry, evocative music, and otherworldly sets, Cirque du Soleil has revolutionized the very concept of live performance, presenting its shows in more than 130 cities to over 33 million enthralled fans Anyone who has ever fall under Cirque du Soleil's spell will welcome tбрпфчhis paean to the nomadic soul.

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