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Game Development Essentials: An Introduction 2004 г ISBN 1401862713 инфо 3786n.

Game Development Essentials: An Introduction, 2nd Edition offers a thorough and insightful introduction to the game development industry, with industry updates that will keep readers current and well-prepared ащщбтfor a career in the field The book begins wit a highly informative chapter on the evolution of game development, providing a historical context for later chapters, and moves on to examine content creation and the concepts behind the development of story, character, enбйбйеvironment, level design, user inerface, and sound With the same engaging writing style and examples that made the first edition so popular, this new edition features expanded coverage of today's hottest topics - such as next-generation platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii), level design, nterface design, project management, serious games, game accessibility, and online social networks New game-related technology, development techniques, and the latest research in the field make this anбрпхж invaluable resource for anyone entering the exciting competitive, ever-changing world of game development 2 edition Автор Jeannie Novak.

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