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Maxfield Parrish : Master of Make-Believe 2005 г 136 стр ISBN 0856676012 инфо 3826n.

Book Description Maxfield Parrish, Master of Make-Believe describes the life and popularity of this famous early twentieth-century American artist This beautifully illustrated catalogue includes all types oащщлдf Parrish's work, from his sumptuous muralsto his fun and lively works based on Mother Goose's fairytales The works included come from collections all over the United States, including museums like the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts where Parrish studied, as weбйбпсll as private collectors whohave been persuaded to part with their treasures in order to give the artist the exposure that he deserves Readers unfamiliar with Parrish's name will find an artist with an extraordinary talent for using colours, as well as an ability to create fantastical worlds, for children and adults "I am hopelessly commonplace, I don't know what people see in me!", the artist once commented in his standard low-key delivery What we see is an artist who stбрпшйill believes in beautiful places of gorgeous imagery executed in masterful realism based on imagination, talent and execution for its concept Maxfield Parrish's art is instantly accessible and real The book accompanies an exhibition by the same name organised by the Trust for Museum Exhibitions, Washington, DC.