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Universal Beauty: The Miss Universe Guide to Beauty Издательство: Thomas Nelson, 2006 г Твердый переплет, 224 стр ISBN 1401602290 инфо 3846n.

The "Miss Universe" Pageant represents the international ideal of beauty, and this unique beauty guide has the inside tips from all over the world that only members of this very exclusive club can teащщльll Beauty writer Cara Birnbaum and former Miss Universe winners bring together the diverse tips, insights, and secrets that have set these women apart and brought them to the pinnacle of beauty Former title holders will share their beauty regimens as will the professбйбртionals who work with contestants to achieve the "Miss Universe" look Readers with busy schedules will benefit from tips that will take them from daytime looks to ultraglamour in a matter of minutes Because "Miss Universe" is international, all races, skin tones, hair types, and body types will be included Former title holders of different ages will address how personal care and beauty regimens change over time to continue to achieve a fantastic appearance Издабрпщбние на английском языке Автор Cara Birnbaum.

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