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Eminem In My Skin (Eminem) 2004 г 96 стр ISBN 1844494888 инфо 3933n.

Book DescriptionAn exciting graphic novel from the creative team behind the groundbreaking Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic, published by Omnibus Press in 2003 From the Government housing slums in Detroit toащщте the bling-bling penthouses of the Hip-Hop monarchy, Marshall Mathers has had quite a journey This is a presentation of the documentation of his life that is angry, vivid, and shockingly honest By taking the stories, characters, and rants that exist on his albums, бйбфбa dramatic, operatic and highly comedic adventure is told In addition to biographical events, the authors draw on the self-created characters that exist in Eminem’s music This is a graphic novel about the world’s one and only true crossover rap superstar, and a story both as profound and profane as the man himself.