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Kitchen Memories: A Legacy of Family Recipes from Around the World Издательство: Capital Books, 2007 г Мягкая обложка, 256 стр ISBN 1933102454 Язык: Английский инфо 3979n.

Memories of grandmother's cooking are warm, inviting, sustaining and comforting, but most people have not taken the time to preserve their family's favorite recipes As a result, many treasured recipes are losащщхзt to the fast-food generation 'overtaken by pizza delivery, eating out and convenience foods Kitchen Memories aims to slow that trend down with a lovingly compiled collection of 120 family recipes from 25 countries' handed down from one generation to the next and gathбйбцбered from families and cooks The authors, leaders in the Slow Food movement, have interviewed hundreds of people who have shared their most precious recipes, the ones they want to pass on to their children and grandchildren The process of talking about family recipes triggered many happy memories for the book's contributors, and as such, each recipe includes detailed homespun cooking tips and sidebars rich with personal stories of family and food Twenty-five countries are featured брпъкincluding the US and some of its distinctive regional and ethnic cuisines Pages at the end of the book are provided for cooks to preserve their own favorite recipes, thoughts, tips, photos, and memories The authors have tested all 120 recipes A helpful glossary and appendix offering a brief sketch of each culture are included Insatiably curious about traditions and cultures, food and travel writer Anne Parsons is a native of Scotland and has traveled extensively around the globe During her trips, she spends most of her time with local people, eats regional foods and visits their places of worship She is currently writing a medieval mystery novel with the spice trade as its focus Авторы Anne Snape Parsons Alexandra Greeley.

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