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Theories of the Information Society Издательство: Routledge, 2006 г Мягкая обложка, 320 стр ISBN 0-415-40633-1, 978-0-415-40633-8 Язык: Английский Формат: 170x250 инфо 4064n.

Information is a distinguishing feature of the modern world Where once economies were built on industry and conquest, we are now part of a global information economy Pervasive media, burgeoning information oащщщщccupations and the development of the Internet convince many that living in an Information Society is the destiny of us all Information's presence appears evident everywhere, from daily interaction in postmodern styles to the waging of Information War, from informatioбйбщуn intensive labour to the iPOD Coping in an era of information flows, of virtual relationships and breakneck change appears to pose challenges to one and all In "Theories of the Information Society" Frank Webster sets out to make sense of the information explosion, taking a sceptical look at what thinkers mean when they refer to the Information Society, and critically examining the major post-war theories and approaches to informational development The third edition of thбрпъэis classic study brings it right up to date both with new theoretical work and with social and technological changes - such as the rapid growth of the Internet and accelerated globalisation - and reassesses the work of key theorists in light of these changes This book will be essential reading for students in Sociology, Politics, Communications, Information Science, Cultural Studies, Computing and Librarianship It will also be invaluable for anybody interested in social and technological change in the postwar era 3-rd edition Автор Фрэнк Уэбстер Frank Webster.

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