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The Secret Language of the Renaissance: Decoding the Hidden Symbolism of Italian Art Издательство: Duncan Baird Publishers, 2006 г Твердый переплет, 224 стр ISBN 1844833224 Язык: Английский инфо 4145n.

During the Renaissance, artists traditionally encoded meanings into symbols, some of which drew upon a traditional repertoire available to educated people in the era These hidden messages - which ranged from ащщювthe esoteric to the political to the religious - could be communicated in everything from the position of a hand to the placement of the sun and moon "The Secret Language of the Renaissance" helps us discover them anew, as lecturer, author, and director Richбйбэжard Stemp teaches you the art of reading these paintings Magnificently illustrated throughout, and with a six-color gold-foil cover, this remarkable book has three distinct parts The first surveys the literature, painting, sculpture, architecture, and decorative arts of this remarkable period Section two reviews the essential elements of symbolic language in Renaissance art, including the use of color, geometry, light and shade, composition, proportion, perspective, and body languaбрпыяge; the explanatory examples reach from Crivelli's "Annunciation" to Donatello's "Mary Magdalene" And the final part features themes including Mythology, War and Peace, and Death and Eternity Автор Richard Stemp.